State Department of Education's

Youth Services Bureau 58
Griswold's Community Youth Center

Our Mission:
Our goal is to enrich the social, recreational, cultural and educational experiences of our residents through a variety of opportunities for all ages while addressing and achieving our unique communities needs. Our Youth Center is for residents 10 & Up. We have a computer lab, video games, snacks and crafts for kids to do. With two Supervisors plus Staff on each day, we will watch over your kids until 5 pm. We do not take care of kids under 10, but here is list of local daycare providers that may help. (VIEW LIST)
All Programs a Free to Our Residents. Proudly serving our Griswold/Jewett City youth.

They are the future of our Town!  Come in and take a look around. If you kid comes home from school & is bored... give the YC a try.
The Griswold Youth Center & Jewett City Resident Troopers work together on a weekly basis. We are Partners in Creating a Better Community for our Kids!